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Waxing for Men

Male Waxing Treatments
Bodyworks4Men can remove unwanted hair from pretty much anywhere! Waxing is a simple, quick and effective way to be cleaner, smoother and more body confident. Compared to shaving, your skin feels soft and silky after waxing and hair re-growth is slower and less irritating. Waxing also works wonders for muscle definition and, quite simply, makes you feel sexy! Bodyworks4Men offers waxing treatments individually or in any combination:

Torso Waxing
Chest Waxing
Abs Waxing
Chest, Abs Waxing
Lower Back Waxing
Upper Back, Shoulders Waxing
Full Back, Shoulders Waxing
Nape of Neck Waxing

Intimate Waxing
Speedo Line Waxing (top of thighs)
Buttock Cheeks Waxing
Buttock Crack Waxing
Buttock Cheeks, Crack Waxing
Scrotum Waxing (includes penis)
Groin Waxing (scrotum, penis, pubic triangle)
Brazilian Waxing (scrotum, penis, buttocks)
Full Brazilian Waxing (all off front and back)

Face Waxing
Eyebrows Waxing
Nostrils Waxing
Ears Waxing
Cheekbones Waxing
Hairline Waxing

Arms Waxing
Full Arms, Hands Waxing
Half Arms Waxing
Hand, Fingers Waxing
Underarms Waxing

Legs Waxing
Full Legs, Feet Waxing
Half Legs Waxing
Feet, Toes Waxing

No Pain No Gain!
Contrary to what many men may think waxing is not as painful as you'd expect (though this does vary from person to person of course) and the gloriously silky result is definitely worth it. In fact, most first-timers wish they had started waxing sooner!

Hair removal is the most popular male body treatment and Bodyworks4men provides a full range of waxing services to help you maintain beautifully soft, hair-free skin. We use Perron Rigot wax, a top quality product, to ensure a comfortable waxing treatment with results that can last for up to six weeks depending on the area. Waxing every four to six weeks is recommended to maintain a smooth look but the session frequency will decrease as regular waxing means your hair will become soft and sparse over time.

Bookings and Opening Hours
Bodyworks4Men offers waxing appointments seven days a week... flexible on times, we appreciate that 'normal' business hours do not suit everyone. So whenever an appointment time is best for you, we will do our best to accommodate. Please get in touch using the contact form or call either of the numbers below.

Male back, shoulder and arm after waxing
Male back and upper body after waxing

 Call 01438 715222 or 07436 800615 (no withheld numbers please)

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