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Massage Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have a massage?
Ideally, it's best to have a massage every week or fortnight. If this isn't manageable, then try to have a massage on a regular basis. Some Bodyworks4Men customers have a massage three times a week!

What should I tell you when booking my massage?
It is important to inform me if any of the following contraindications apply to you (if you unsure, please check with your doctor before your treatement):

  • If you suffer from any allergies
  • If you have had recent surgery
  • If you have/intend to take drugs or alcohol within 24 hours of having your massage
  • If you suffer from any medical conditions or injuries that might affect your massage

Can I eat or drink before my massage?
It is best not to drink alcohol before a massage. Also try to avoid having a massage on a full stomach and leave it at least an hour or so.

Do I need to provide anything for the massage in my home?
Bodyworks4men provides everything needed for your massage treatment... massage couch, fresh towels, oils and even music to listen to.

What do I wear for my massage?
For an oil-based massage you should undress to your own level of comfort. Some Bodyworks4men clients prefer to keep their underwear on and some prefer to be nude. The choice is yours.

If the massage treatment is in my home, what do I lay on?
We bring a specialist professional massage table that takes only a minute or so to set up before the massage treatment begins. It is extremely comfortable with a memory foam base and it will be covered fresh towels or couch roll.

Should I talk during the massage?
Most of my clients prefer to close their eyes and relax into the massage but everyone is different, so it's really up to you. We don't mind either way and it doesn't affect my ability to give you a deep and meaningful massage. However, it is important to tell me if you feel too hot or cold; if you have any discomfort or pain; or want the massage changed in any way.

What if I fall asleep during the massage?
Many people fall asleep during a massage... and some drool too. This is very common, so if it happens to you please don't worry.

What if I don't want you to touch a particular area of my body?
If you dislike an area of your body being touch or are perhaps just embarrassed, please let me know so we can work around it and ensure you are comfortable.

Are your massages sensual?
Properly performed, a good massage should give pleasure to your body and senses. We cannot and would not wish to control your senses, so a massage may be a sensual experience for you. However, we ask that you respect us as professionals and decent people, so please do not expect your personal feelings to lead to any form of sexual activity during treament.

What if I get an erection during the massage?
Touch to any area of the body can activate parts of your nervous system and cause a reaction like an erection. If this happens to you, please try not to be embarrassed as we are professionally trained, will understand and ignore it.

What do I do if the pressure isn't right for me?
Let me know immediately and your therapist will adjust the pressure and technique to suit you.

How long are your massage sessions?
Bodyworks4Men's massage treatments last for 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours. My most popular massage length is 1.5 hours. We also have bookings for 3+ hours for a multiple client massage treatment. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to take bookings for less than 1 hour.


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