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Waxing Questions and Answers

What does waxing involve?
The area to be waxed is coated with a thin layer of wax which sticks to the hair and removed by the root when pull off.

Does waxing hurt?
It depends on you really; how sensitive you are; how many waxing sessions you have had; how good the waxing practitioner is. For most of us, you'll feel a momentary 'ouch' then it quickly fades. After your waxing treatment you may experience slight soreness or redness which should subside in a few hours. The more regularly you have a waxing treatment the better it becomes all round in terms of 'ouch' factor and re-growth. Those who are relatively new to waxing may get a few pimples or irritation that can easily be soothed with regular application of antiseptic cream.

Is there anywhere you won't wax?
Bodyworks4Men does not wax scalp hair, eyelashes or beards.

Why is waxing different to shaving or hair removal creams?
Waxing removes hair from the root unlike having or hair removal creams. This means it takes longer for the hair to grow back and re-growth is softer and sparcer. No itchy stubble, gorgeous smooth skin and long lasting results.

Are there any circumstances where you would not wax?
If you have a contagious skin condition, we will not wax the affected areas until the condition has completely gone. Clients who takine Roaccutane need to wait at least six months after finishing their medication before having a waxing treatment. Waxing is also not suitable if you have sunburnt, chaffed or broken skin or skin that has been treated with steroid creams, Retin-A, Differin or other retinoid acne products within the last three months.

How long does a waxing treatment take?
It depends on a number of factors e.g. the area being waxed and the density of hair. As a guide, a full leg wax takes between 45-60 minutes; chest or back wax takes between 15-30 minutes, while a first time brazilian wax can take up to 60 minutes. Waxing treatments generally get quicker over time as re-growth gets less and less and hair becomes soft and sparse.

Can I have a wax the day before I go on holiday?
It is not advisable to have a waxing treatment immediately before a special occasion or you go on holiday as the treated area may look and feel sore afterwards. Bodyworks4Men recommends having your waxing session a couple of days ahead so the skin has time to settle.

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